The BEST Protein Muffins. Ever.


Sometimes you just need something sweet. Sometimes you need a snack to fill you up. Sometimes you need your snack to be sweet and fill you up. This happens to me a lot. Because of this, the world's best protein muffins were made this weekend. I have made a ton of protein baked goods. These are my best yet. They are sweet but not overly sweet. They have little added sugar, they are full of protein, moderate in calories and so satisfying. You can edit ingredients - you can change the flour used - I used coconut due to its high fiber content - you can add fruits like blueberries, you can top with oats or add in nuts! The options are endless. Give these a try, switch it up with your own combos and tag me on IG - @happyslimhealthy to show me your best muffin combo!

Add this into your meal prep rotation and snack happy!

Happy Baking :)


Protein muffins:

2 eggs

1 banana (ripe) - mashed

½ cup unsweetened applesauce

½ cup unsweetened coconut milk

¼ cup coconut flour

4 scoops whey protein powder*

¼ cup chia/flax blend

3 oz. plain Greek yogurt

2 tbsp. honey

¼ cup chocolate chips (optional)

cinnamon – preference


I am sure there is a better way to do this, but I never claimed to be a baker, just a creator. But, I mixed all ingredients together -- banana mashed first, then eggs then applesauce and yogurt, then flours and the rest! Spray muffin tray or line with muffin liners and portion mixture into muffin cups.

Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.


makes 12 muffins

Roughly 90-100 calories & 8g protein per muffin (plus or minus depending on ingredients/brands used)

*Note: I used fitmiss banana creme whey protein - it has 90 calories & 16g of protein per serving. Alternate protein powders can be used - may be vegan based, collagen protein or whichever you please!