Nicole B.



“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up rather than what they have to gain.”Change- if that isn’t one of the most intimidating words you could say to me and send me running in the complete opposite direction. Creature of habit over here! Almost 2 years ago I had this overwhelming feeling I knew my life needed a change. What that change was I wasn’t exactly sure. I was at a point where my life revolved around work and my commute to the city and unhealthy choices. I was unhappy with myself, the way I felt, had little to no motivation and not very active whatsoever. Ultimately my happiness and self-confidence was at an all-time low. Now we are talking about the same girl who grew up playing every sport imaginable and felt that she could conquer the world at any given moment. Insert here, college, the freshman 15 (or in my case 30+) A LOT of unhealthy choices and a major ACL injury that left me completely second guessing my physical capabilities.

Oh how things have truly changed for me since that moment. When OTF and CT magically appeared into my life in April 2016 I knew that serious change was to follow and quickly. I had tried other gyms before, and workouts but I ALWAYS found an excuse for why it wasn’t working for me.  There was something about OrangeTheory and CT that was different than any other place I had experienced. His undeniable motivation and passion for people and overwhelming drive to help others is unparalleled to anyone I have ever been around (besides Jenna). I knew instantly this was what I needed. There is no such thing as a comfort zone when you are around CT, he pushes you right out of that in a split second. In turn I’ve learned from him that growth comes in times you think you can't, but you keep going and keeping pushing because on the other side is BEST version of yourself. His motivation made me motivated to open myself up and be ready for a major change.

Fast forward a few months and to the opportunity to work with the greatest duo ever.  When I met Jenna (who radiates positivity and light wherever she goes just FYI), I had ZERO clue about nutrition, growing up in an Italian family all I knew was quantity eating and CARBS on CARBS. Food=Love in my household.  I’m also pretty sure I told Jenna I didn’t really eat much protein and never ate post workout.  If there was one thing I immediately felt from Jenna upon meeting her was her unbelievable passion about nutrition and food and most importantly her love to help others. She was beyond encouraging during our classes at OTF together, always pushing me to better and I knew she would do the same when it came to nutrition. Stars aligned and here is where the true magic happened.

When CT and Jenna both began working with me individually and doing what they do best. (Changing lives.)The real transformation began to take place. My body not only began to change drastically, but my mind too. You see this process and journey for me has not only been about getting healthier and stronger physically, but I have grown into the best version of myself along the way. This happened because of two people that truly love and invest their time into their passion for what they do. I have fallen in love with food and nutrition in ways I didn’t know were possible. Jenna has taught me that it is not about diets, restrictions or cleanses but that this has become a lifestyle for me.  A lifestyle that includes all of my favorite foods, the ability to get creative every day and that there is always something new to try and experiment with. One of Jenna’s many amazing gifts is getting you to try anything and everything because her spin on food is that it always tastes incredibly yummy. The grocery store has become one of my favorite places to be thanks to her. My obsession with food is even stronger than ever also thanks to Jenna.

The best and hands down most valuable thing Jenna has given/taught me besides my endless love affair for food, is the ability to truly love myself and this journey. I now embrace change and this process because of her. I can honestly say that practicing self love was the most challenging part of this journey  for me and Jenna has been the factor being able to do that again. Any time it has gotten difficult or there have been setbacks Jenna has been right alongside me to help pick me up and remind me of how far I’ve come and to keep on going. You don’t get many selfless people that will do life with you in good times and bad. Jenna is one of those irreplaceable people.

I can honestly say that because of this amazingly gifted twosome and their impact I have gained self confidence, self love and strength in myself and who I am as a person .Before them none of this existed. Life changing is an understatement. I have stayed committed to this journey because these two have an unwavering commitment to those they work with. I have stayed inspired because they inspire me every time I’m around them. I have achieved things because these two believed in me and now I believe in myself. Not only has my body changed from losing 25 pounds, but my life is forever changed for the better because of two people who took a chance to help me. Through this change I have given up my old self, mindset and in turn gained something SO much better. A new stronger, happier, better version that I never imagined existed.

-Nicole B.
Client of HappySlimHealthy & GunzzSquad simultaneously for 1 year.
Personal Trainer: CT Torres, @gunzzsquad @ct_gunzz