iheartradio x Dr. Oz - Lifestyle Health & Wellness Expo 2017

What a freaking great weekend it was.  This weekend, I had the opportunity to sit on a panel of experts at the iheartradio Lifestyle Health & Wellness expo and talk about my most favorite topic...nutrition. I was honored to sit next to, mingle with and listen to some of the best in the industry talk about their passions and what drives them to help their clients stay focused and happy day in and day out.

Everyone was able to put their own spin on their answers, but the largest take away from the whole event, the loudest and most common theme among all the speakers -- find your WHY. Find your passion, find what drives you, find what makes your tummy flip and your heart happy - what FUELS your fire - and do that, every single day. Changing your lifestyle takes time and it is a journey - we know this, but when we really sit and think about what that means, we uncover why are doing it. You have to have a purpose. So when you embark on this journey you are always working towards that purpose. Making it meaningful & special.

You have to have your why. For some, this may be easy - but others maybe you have been working at this for awhile but never really sat and thought about the reason or meaning behind it. So stop & re-focus.

For me, my why is simply that I want to feel my best to do my best. When I feel good, I do good & I want that same feeling, passion and purpose for all my clients. I want my clients to wake up in the morning feeling strong, powerful & excited, because THAT excites the crap out of me.

So find what drives you, what makes you happy & do that, do that with a group of like minded people that will hold you accountable & everyday make a step towards your goal. DO NOT let one day pass where you don't - stay on your path, enjoy your journey, keep that fire burning, and write down your WHY.

Check out a few pics from this amazing event below!